48 Hours of Silence

TEST I hadn't felt passionate about much for months.  It makes sense-- I'm a grad student who is used to climbing mountains every weekend, two months into Stay at Home orders with unsatisfying remote learning and half-hearted new hobbies.  I wanted an "adventure" of some kind.  I know I talk too much, so I decided... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #31: Peak 5482, Not Snowgrass

I really suck at the cold. In addition to the all-too-common seasonal depression and the frustrations of short, avalanche prone days, for me winter brings so much discomfort. I have a pretty weak metabolism and terrible circulation, so existing while exerting anything short of significant effort is painful for me in the cold. Others are... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #27: Wildflowers on Cashmere

I'm writing about 100 mountains I love. The full list so far is here. When I'm feeling like taking it easy, walking in no particular hurry and seeing beautiful things, a hike through subalpine meadows is the perfect option. Cashmere Mountain had been on my list for a long time, and a 20-ish mile hike... Continue Reading →

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