Appalachian Trail Memories: Illustrated

When I was on the trail, I carried crayons and often drew illustrations in shelter logs.  I decided to memorialize some of my favorite memories in crayon form!

The One Where my Parents are the Best


The One Where Bad Weather is Helpful


The One Where Bad Weather is Just Bad




The One Where Sphagnum Just Wants a Pizza


(Don’t worry, she got one like 2 days later.)

3 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Memories: Illustrated

  1. Mishap! elle showed me your blog. I love the artwork and the stories. I’m sorry the evil clouds dropped nasty items on your head while you were hiking the AT. I hope all is going well with you now. (I added a hyperlink to your journal in my July 30th page in elle’s journal)

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    1. It is! Thank you for reading it and for your comment 🙂 I will never forget the lovely dinner and bed and all of the kindness you showed us on the trail. Also I did finally read Elle’s blog and it made me want to cry but your entries were hilarious!


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