Walk to San Francisco!

I am hopefully walking to San Francisco starting Feb 10! I hate to promise things before I do them but I’ll do my best to make this happen barring injury or serious safety concerns! This is a landing page for info and updates!

I am walking partially to raise money for Facing Homelessness, a local Seattle organization which seeks to humanize those living outside and encourage people to talk to their neighbors. Their message of “just say hello” is a great concept to pair with a walk like this, which for me is challenging mostly due to my interactions with strangers. On this walk, I want to learn more about homelessness while practicing vulnerability and challenging myself to interact with new people. I encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about their message and try to engage with their less fortunate neighbors! You can read more or donate below.

Doooonate to Facing Homelessness 🙂

On day 34, March 16 I was at mile (approximately)


And below I will post links to my blog posts about the trip!

Week 1!

Week 2!

Week 3!

Week 4!


Where will you sleep?

I am trying to stay with friends of friends as much as possible, but they are hard to find so if you know anyone near my route definitely let me know! I’ll also pay up to ~$60/night for an Airbnb, definitely do some legal camping, and probably have to fill in some of the other nights with improvisation. I’ll carry my bivy sack but I am not pretending I am not heavily favoring sleeping inside when possible.

Do you know your exact route?

Only a few days in advance! Please make suggestions! Trying to walk along the coast after Portland!

How far is it and how long will it take?

Around 900 something miles and maybe a month, depending on where I go and how I feel.

Are you walking alone?

Mostly! I should have some guests!

How will you not be hecka bored?

I probably will be! Podcasts, calling my mom, having unnecessarily long interrogating conversations with coffeeshop employees, maybe running sometimes?

Why San Francisco?

I have friends there and it’s not too far!

Where are you right now?

If I know you, I’ll give you a tracking link if you want!!

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  1. Best wishes on your ambitious trek! I have trekked long distance in Europe, but not in the USA. You can check out some slide shows of my treks on regspittle.com for your next challenge. But this is quite a challenge. Way to go!


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