Croissants from Seattle to San Francisco

Macrina Bakery Seattle, WA


The texture of this croissant is flaky and good, but it’s not as buttery as I want, and the giant sugar crystals on top, while pretty, are too sweet.

Starbucks Somewhere, WA


Two stars only because you have to account for a whole star between this and those awful sandwich croissants.

Fiddler’s Coffee Chehalis, WA



They didn’t have plain ones. Maybe I can’t like almond croissants but this one was sickly sweet to me. Very flaky and adorable though.

Ken’s Artisan Barkery Portland, OR


Not the butteriest tasting in the universe, but very good! So fluffy and airy and crunchy on the outside!!

Ken’s Artisan Barkery Portland, OR

(Spinach and Goat Cheese)


Since I believe in the Platonic Ideal of croissants, I can’t rate anything other than a plain butter five stars. But this is the closest anything could get. It was even crispier on the outside than the plain one and not totally dominated by too much cheese. Pastries with goat cheese in them are so good!!

Nuvrei Portland, OR


This croissant is perfect.

Nuvrei Portland, OR



I can’t imagine a sweet croissant flavor that is a better idea. I loved the subtle taste but the glaze was still a bit sweet for me. I’m not sure a pastry has ever been cuter than this pink thing!

Seal Rock Bakery Seal Rock, OR

(Egg and Cheese)


Really solid for a breakfast sandwich from a drive thru espresso stand, truly. The fillings actually tasted pretty fresh, and the croissant itself was super buttery, even if the airiness left something to be desired. Would get 4.5 stars for a separate, cheap breakfast category.

Bread & Roses Yachats, OR


I thought this croissant would be better than it was since this bakery is great. It was airy but somehow tasted a little stale and wasn’t crispy enough. Decent, I guess.

Bread & Roses Yachats, OR



Did I really enjoy a chocolate croissant? Somehow this one was flakier and better than the plain one. And adorable with chocolate swirls on top! The chocolate was high quality and not too sweet.

Vita Cucina Crescent City, CA


This croissant was definitely buttery, and attempts were made to get the crunchy outside and soft inside but… Too crunchy outside? It tasted stale. Maybe it’s because they keep them under heat lamps for some reason.

Café Brio Arcata, CA


This croissant was buttery and delicious, and the ends were flaky, but it definitely overall was too soft and bready to be truly perfect. On the bright side, it was also huge.

Headlands Coffeehouse Fort Bragg, CA


This croissant was airy, but a little bready and less crispy and buttery than I’d like, as you can tell by the fact that it’s so lightly colored. Definitely generously sized and attractive, though.

Yorkshire Market (by Costeaux Bakery) Yorkshire, CA


A croissant provided to this wine country convenience store by a bakery in Healdsburg. Another bready, uncrispy croissant. It was soft all the way through and not very cute, but the taste was buttery and just fine.

Javamoré Cafe Petaluma, CA


California seems to have an epidemic of large, bready, not especially buttery croissants. This one had a little bit of flake but was mostly boring and just ok.

Copperfield’s Bookstore Cafe San Rafael, CA

(Vegetable and goat cheese)


This was a real croissant. It was crispy and dark on the outside, and even with the toppings retained some airy layers on the inside. The toppings themselves could have been more flavorful, but the black sesame seeds were a wonderful touch.

Tartine San Francisco, CA


I don’t even know what to say. How can there be so many layers? How can it be so buttery? I can’t review any more croissants for this trip, it’s over.

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