I’m Nastassia.  I like walking, functionally in the city, on day hikes, to climb big mountains as quickly as I can, and especially as a means of very long distance transportation.

This is  a somewhat philosophical blog about long distance foot travel.  Some goals I have include social experiments about urban walking/walkability, walking to visit friends in different states, a solo thru hike, and some kind of historically motivated walk outside the US someday.  This is not an outdoor blog, and I am avoiding content that is covered ad nauseum on the internet already, like:

  1. Gear reviews or specs of anything I carry
  2. Detailed fitness or training advice
  3. Excessive focus on mileage/calories consumed/elevation gain etc.

Personally, I think these things are disproportionately focused on in the outdoor community, plus there are people who know a lot more about them.  However, of course since I have backpacked so much I do have opinions on them and if you are ever curious, feel free to ask in a comment or on the contact page!

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