I’m Nastassia. I like walking and hiking for a lot of the same reasons as other people: it allows me to eliminate some of the noise of everyday life, to push my physical limits, to see the outdoors and the world, to feel confident, and to make and keep friendships in the woods.

It’s not just a hobby, though– starting in my art classes in college, I became obsessed with exploring the concept of repetition. I like walking farther, faster, and in a broader range of circumstances than most people. I like regular backpacking trips and summer urban strolls, but also climbing mountains or walking 35 miles in the rain on a country road.  In addition, I am trying to explore the potential for public performances involving walking long distances or just experimenting with different ways of interacting with my community on foot.

I like to try things that make people ask “is that even possible?”, and in the process I hope to inspire others (especially those who aren’t given as much access to outdoor recreation) to try things they think are impossible.

In 2019 I am hopefully going to walk to San Francisco from my house in Seattle!

Here’s some media coverage from The Stranger if you want to read about a past spontaneous experiment.


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