I’m Nastassia. I like walking and hiking for a lot of the same reasons as other people: it allows me to eliminate some of the noise of everyday life, to push my physical limits, to see the outdoors and the world, to feel confident, and to make and keep friendships in the woods.

I am strange, though, because I like walking farther, faster, and in a broader range of circumstances than most people. I like regular backpacking trips and summer urban strolls, but also climbing mountains or walking 35 miles in the rain on a country road. I like to push the limits of what traveling on foot can be, and some goals that I hope one day I can achieve with this include:

  • Learning about land ownership, land use, and walkability as it relates to urban planning
  • Interacting with strangers in a really genuine way and learning about them
  • Spreading awareness about environmental issues and being responsible outdoors
  • Helping to inspire others (especially women or others who are not as represented) to feel confident and independent in the outdoors
  • Creating an ongoing personal experiment in living with less and accepting uncertainty in my life
  • Documenting the places in the world not everyone sees, either because they are inaccessible or people drive past them without thinking

In 2019 I am hopefully going to walk to Toronto from my house in Seattle!

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