48 Hours of Silence

TEST I hadn't felt passionate about much for months.  It makes sense-- I'm a grad student who is used to climbing mountains every weekend, two months into Stay at Home orders with unsatisfying remote learning and half-hearted new hobbies.  I wanted an "adventure" of some kind.  I know I talk too much, so I decided... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #27: Wildflowers on Cashmere

I'm writing about 100 mountains I love. The full list so far is here. When I'm feeling like taking it easy, walking in no particular hurry and seeing beautiful things, a hike through subalpine meadows is the perfect option. Cashmere Mountain had been on my list for a long time, and a 20-ish mile hike... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #24: Bruiser Cruiser

I'm writing about 100 peaks I find interesting. The full list is here. "What terrified me was the Thing of nightmares... The Thing now symbolized in broad daylight by that horrid thrust of lava." That's Harvey Manning describing Cruiser, the high point of the Sawtooth Range in the Olympic Peninsula. When we set out to... Continue Reading →

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