100 Peaks #31: Peak 5482, Not Snowgrass

I really suck at the cold. In addition to the all-too-common seasonal depression and the frustrations of short, avalanche prone days, for me winter brings so much discomfort. I have a pretty weak metabolism and terrible circulation, so existing while exerting anything short of significant effort is painful for me in the cold. Others are... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #24: Bruiser Cruiser

I'm writing about 100 peaks I find interesting. The full list is here. "What terrified me was the Thing of nightmares... The Thing now symbolized in broad daylight by that horrid thrust of lava." That's Harvey Manning describing Cruiser, the high point of the Sawtooth Range in the Olympic Peninsula. When we set out to... Continue Reading →

100 Peaks #23: Shuksan. Slush.

I'm writing about 100 mountains I find interesting, for various reasons. The full list is here. When life gives you great weather but high avalanche danger, you find a low-angle route up something tall and pretty! One week in May, Eva and I saw the undesirable weather forecast and hesitated to be optimistic about climbing... Continue Reading →

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